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Comprehensive and Effective Marketing Solutions for SMBs

Automate, Integrate, Innovate, and Reach Your Audience through Multiple Channels with AutoInnoMarket (AIM)

It's time for a change!

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Fractional marketing that gives you all of its attention


Numbers First

Decision making based on data not feelings


Omni Channel

Never rely on one revenue driver again


Artificial Intelligence

Brought to you by AIM, who puts the "YOU" in AI!


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We specialize in combining the science of marketing with the art of innovation to deliver consistent and increasing results.  See how:

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Our Approach

By focusing on revenue-generating metrics, we provide transparency and clarity to your marketing vision, and deliver a strong return on marketing investment (ROMI)





Stonehenge - resized

Stonehenge is a monument shrouded in mystery and wonder, and despite its age, it continues to fascinate and intrigue people to this day. Similarly, marketing can often be mysterious and enigmatic, leaving businesses struggling to understand how to effectively reach their target audience.

However, just as archaeologists use advanced tools and techniques to unravel the mysteries of Stonehenge, AIM uses cutting-edge data analytics and market research to help businesses unravel the mystery of marketing.

By analyzing your target audience and developing customized marketing strategies, we can help your business understand how to effectively reach your audience and achieve success. With AIM’s expertise, the mystery of marketing can be solved, and you can achieve lasting success just like Stonehenge has endured through the ages.

Outpace your competition today

It's time for a change!